Talks and Consultancy relating to seaweed & aquaculture. 

   Green Ocean Seaweed Farming now offers informal talks and lectures on various types of seaweed, sea vegetables and seaweed aquaculture, wild seaweeds, seaweed farming, the role of seaweed in our oceans, the future of seaweed, the seaweed culture around the world, how it's grown and harvested and its uses in the third world. 

Also the benefits of seaweed on human and animal health, carbon sequestering, how to incorporate seaweed into your diet, with easy recipes and unusual uses of seaweeds.

If you have a seaweed project anywhere in the world, speak to us first.

Learn how you can benefit yourself and your family by eating seaweed in your diet, and how, by doing so you'll be helping the oceans and the planet. What's already in your house that already has seaweed in it? What's the most unusual use of Kelp that you can think of? How about a designer Kelp Hat or Kelp lamp shade?

Which is best for you ? Seaweed supplements or fresh? Hand or machine harvested? Farmed seaweed or wild rock seaweed? Which variety tastes best?   How to grow seaweed particularly Kelp. How does seaweed and growing seaweed help the environment and what can we do to make it better?

New seaweed products coming onto the market includes edible bio drinking straws, seaweed burgers, compostable drinking pods, seaweed building blocks, and chicken feed.

Discuss new ideas using seaweed, like Kelp and Sea lettuce (Ulva). Put forward your own ideas for seaweed farming, recipes for seaweed or other innovative ideas, perhaps seaweed coat hangers instead of plastic? Compressed dried seaweed for wood fires? Seaweed Burgers? The ideas are endless so join us!  

Green Ocean seaweed talks last for between one to two hours and are suited to Schools, Universities, Industry, Clubs and other interested groups or parties.
The cost for a Green Ocean Presentation start at £380

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cockscomb seaweed on serrated wrack
Seaweed talks and lectures

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