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Ocean Carbon Offset Bonds


                                       A Green Ocean Carbon Offset Bond is the best way to offsetting your household’s carbon footprint

      Every household in the UK generates carbon through normal activities such as heating, cooking, showering, kettles, washing machines, using vehicles and sometimes          flying.  There are 29 million homes in the UK and you live in one of them.

       Everyday your home will leach carbon into the atmosphere which causes many local problems such as smog and air pollution and bigger global problems such                      as sea water temperatures rising, ice caps melting and adverse weather.

      Most of the carbon mankind produces ends up in the oceans, the oceans are the lungs of the planet and produce 70% of the oxygen we breathe through algae, sea               plants  or seaweed as we know it. Seaweeds absorb tonnes or carbon and nitrogen as they grow and release oxygen into the waters around them.

    Trees produce just under 29% of the oxygen we need, mankind could just survive without trees we could not survive without Seaweed and the oxygen from the oceans.

    By offsetting your household carbon, you will be helping our struggling oceans, providing hope for the next generation, your children, or grandchildren. 

    Not forgetting the millions of marine life forms that live in our oceans relying on seaweed for oxygen, habitat, nursery space and food. 

                                                                                                             Please help restore a balance in the oceans.   

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      Money from your Ocean Carbon Bond will be invested in Ocean restoration projects, mainly seaweed and coral to help restore and protect the oceans and ultimately            the planet from the effects of your carbon and other negative activates caused by mankind. 

1)             1) Restoring Kelp forests destroyed by mankind through bad fishing practices or warming water temperatures that kill off seaweeds. Setting up artificial seaweed reefs to       grow native seaweeds and provide habitat, food and nursery space for other marine life.

2)            2) Repairing and reintroducing corals, using new cutting-edge technology to clean, repair and regrow the coral reefs.

3)             3) Setting up seaweed farming projects around the UK and World to help with carbon sequestering (absorption) and eco friendly businesses for third world                               communities, helping them grow seaweeds to help the environment and provide them with an income.

4)              4) Establish a seaweed (Algae) cultivation laboratory to teach the next generation of marine biologist how to grow and repair seaweeds and corals.

                                                                          We need seaweed – You need seaweed – the Planet needs seaweed Please help

                                                                              Please click on the 'buy now' button below £300 will cover one household for a year.

                                                                    You will receive a Ocean Carbon Certificate with each purchase, making a great present.

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Ocean Carbon Bonds

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Ocean Carbon Bonds for Carbon Offset.
Ocean Carbon bonds to offset household carbon footprints

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