We take the strain out of finding and applying for aquaculture sites and the process of applying for a licence.

Once you have given us an idea of an area that you want to farm seaweed in or other
alternative aquaculture venture, we will carry out surveys and assessments, checking for protected marine life, conservation zones, seabed suitability, water quality, depth and information about current strength and many other important points that need considering before making a final decision on an aquaculture site.

In the first instance please tell us where and what you would like to farm when you are looking to start and the size of the project.

For more information please contact us direct at acwdevon@tiscali.co.uk

NB This is a paid service. Prices start at £1500 for an aquaculture site survey.

Want to learn more about seaweed or want to set up your own seaweed farm, we would love to hear more?