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Action not talk !!

If like us, you are passionate about  the Oceans and alternative foods we'd like your help.

We are looking to expand however setting up new Green Ocean Seaweed farms is a costly business, From finding the right location, buying and seeding the lines, establishing  secure foot anchors to secure the lines, flotation buoys, laboratory running costs and many other hidden costs, it all adds up. 

The overwhelming benefits of seaweed are starting to gather pace amongst well-informed consumers. There is a heightened demand for seaweed in all its forms, with Global Market Insights predicting that the commercial seaweed market will exceed $87 billion by 2024. It is up to brands  to ensure audiences are aware of products’ provenance and have creditable scientific backing for any associated health claims.

In 2019 we will be starting a number of projects, firstly to set up a larger commercial sized seaweed farm, the exact size is still under close wraps, however the floating farm will enable us to supply larger amounts of edible seaweeds to UK food producers. The aim is to incorporate  seaweed into foods, either as a dried additive or fresh. Using seaweed in soups, frozen vegetable products or ready meals will have a positive effect on your diet. 

Seaweed is a super food, we just need to get the message out there and make it a common ingredient. We are looking to raise £250,000 for this project.

Our second project is to trial compressed air oxygenation; in a nut shell that means blowing bubbles into the nutrient rich waters in the oceans at a depth of 100 to 150 meters, this will start a process with micro organisms through photosynthesis, which we believe is one way of cooling the oceans and reducing acidity in the seas. However to do this we need to convince the Government and maritime companies to help. We are looking to raise £250 to trial the Ocean cooling project.

Will you help us?

Both these projects require considerable amounts of funding and we are therefore seeking funding from businesses and individuals to establish new Ocean farms, Trial new anti acidity techniques on the oceans and produce eco friendly seaweed reefs which is an ongoing project.

There are many academics all around the world that talk endlessly about climate change and warming oceans, however we believe in Action Not Talk !! So let's make it happen in 2019 !

You can help either through sponsorship or donations any amount. If you would like to sponsor us direct please email us at acwdevon@tiscali.co.uk

There are many reasons individuals and businesses help sponsor us, perhaps you have genuine concerns about the Oceans of the world, or the life that lives in them? 

Do you own or run a business with a high carbon footprint? If so buy sponsoring a seaweed line or artificial seaweed reef, you will be offsetting your carbon footprint against a carbon absorbing seaweed line, effectively cancelling each other out.

Perhaps you have concerns about industrial farming and the negative effects it has on our planet? Seaweed as an  alternative food source, that can not only feed us but help our Oceans at the same time, will become a 'must have product in the very near future'. So why not get involved.

Off set your carbon foot print by sponsoring or donating to us. Offset you air miles and time flying.

If you are a large business, with a large carbon foot print or are involved in fishing or farming, or selling products from the sea or land; this is an excellent way to give something back to the Oceans and Planet.  

For more information about how we use your sponsorship or donation, please email us direct at acwdevon@tiscali.co.uk

Alternatively you can donate to us using the donate button below.

seaweed growing on verticle lines

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