After a lot of time money and trials, Green Ocean Farming are now able to offer Eco friendly pre seeded artificial reef blocks.Our reefcubes are seeded with a variety of seaweed seedlings on lines, that are threaded through the mesh, the Eco cubes are weighted with sea boulders with interspersed hiding spaces for a number of marine species.

The configuration of the Eco reef blocks attracts marine life to either live within it or use it for habitat or nursery space. The eco cubes are then placed into the sea at chosen locations to form an eco reef.

Once in the sea water, the varieties of sea weeds start to grow, quickly forming safe environments and nurseries for a wide variety of sea life. The seaweed also reduces carbon in the oceans through carbon sequestering which helps prevent ocean warming and reduces acidity in the seas.

The mesh structure provides a safe area for small fish and other marine life forms by protecting them from predators as the seaweed grows.An Eco seaweed mesh reef matures within nine months, absorbing carbon from the Oceans and providing safe habitats for a variety of life.

Green Ocean Farming Seaweed Eco Reefs are a great way to offset your carbon footprint, whether that’s carbon from your home, job, car or air miles. Seaweed Eco Reefs are the answer. Prices start at £399 per block please email us for more details at

Invest in the Oceans today! We can position the reefs on your behalf if you don’t have access to the sea and just want to help the oceans and marine life. If you have a business with a large carbon footprint, this is an ideal way to offset that carbon footprint, email us for more information and details on sponsoring a seaweed reef. All our seaweed reefs are made to order, so where ever you are in the world we can help, whether you need one or one hundred, speak to us first. Help Save the Ocean, please donate or buy today. Email us for more details.

Want to learn more about seaweed or want to set up your own seaweed farm, we would love to hear more?