Our Vision

Seaweed Aquaculture

Every journey starts with one step and we've made that step. Our aim now is to expand our seaweed  farms around the British Isles, either run directly by us or other individuals and companies, working along side each other to promote the seaweed culture. High lighting it's food potential, health properties and numerous other uses as well as the obvious benefits it brings to the oceans.

Looking ahead we want to establish seaweed farms around the globe, after all 70% of the planet is covered in water; in doing so we can help many coastal communities that struggle to live by offering them a sustainable income, or to help poor communities currently hand harvesting wild seaweeds from the shore, which has a negative effect on marine life and the eco system and get them farming seaweed in a sustainable way. This could be done all around the globe in countries such as Chile, Bangladesh, Burma, Sierra Leone and South Africa to mention but a few.

Farm not forage: In the summer of 2018, the proposed wide-scale harvest of wild kelp led to a fierce row in Scotland, where environmental groups say the dredging of kelp forests could cause irreparable harm to marine life off the coastline because the plants play such a crucial role in preserving a healthy ecosystem.

Farming seaweeds on ropes is the way ahead, in ten or fifteen years from now there won't be enough seaweed grown to meet demand, seaweeds grown in the far east are now suffering due to warmer waters and pollutants from emerging industrial countries, the answer is to set up seaweed farms around the UK and European coasts, utilising our coast line a cleaner Atlantic waters.

Seaweed for health. Can you imagine the health benefits for children and pregnant women in third world countries if we could add just three percent sea-farina to the tortillas, pitas and breads of the world? This would be a wonderful way of helping improve the health of general populations.

All this takes time and money, so if you are interested in helping, we'd love to hear from you. 

Man collecting seaweed in Chile

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