Seaweed is the food of the future, available today  - ish !

   Most of us are still not getting enough fibre, omega-3 oils or iodine in our diet. Lack of these is linked with inflammation and chronic diseases such as diabetes and some cancers. But there’s one magic ingredient that could fix this: seaweed.

It’s an excellent source of omega-3 and iodine, but it is also the king of special types of soluble fibre. Plus, it can be farmed sustainably and fast, with sunlight and seawater. All of which makes it a superfood.

Most people are aware that consuming more omega-3 oils, which we usually get from oily fish or fish oils, is good for our health. One of the main reasons is because omega-3 oils help to reduce inflammation in the body, and therefore help lower the risk of conditions such as heart disease, dementia and arthritis. 

Foods rich in omega-3 oils also help counter the inflammatory effects of another type of oil, omega-6, which we consume mainly in the form of vegetable oils. Ideally, we need to be eating roughly similar amounts of both oils, but most of us are not even close to that balance. 

The trouble is that modern Western diets provide a ratio of around one omega-3 to 15 omega-6,’  ‘In fact, brain health is emerging as one of the critical concerns that is deteriorating due to a lack of omega-3.’ Research suggests that omega-3 deficiency may be linked to aggression, impulsive behaviour, Alzheimer’s and learning difficulties.

Arthritis sufferers, in particular, seem to benefit from changing diet. Studies have shown that improving intake of omega-3 can suppress inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. The main producers of omega-3 in the food chain are seaweeds and algae, so these are a no-brainer in terms of increasing their role in feeding people as well as livestock’.

Seaweed is a great source of complex dietary fibre, vital for healthy guts. ‘We are not eating enough fibre,’ We need up to 30g a day and are generally only getting about half that. Seaweeds and algae are rich in a type of dietary fibre called glycans, which are potentially more effective than fibre from fruit and vegetables.’

Fibre feeds the microbes that live in our guts, and a balanced microbiome depends on us eating an adequate variety of fibre and glycans. A healthy gut ecosystem will help keep your weight down and your immune system in good order. Some glycans can even trigger gut bacteria to produce natural antibiotics that help balance our gut flora by fighting yeast infections and some harmful bacteria. In Japan and South Korea, up to ten per cent of the diet includes seaweeds, which could help to explain why their populations have a long life expectancy.

Seaweed is not to everyone’s taste but most of  us could benefit from adding it to our diet. You could eat sushi  once or twice a week, add it to your salads or chop it into a fish dish. Add it to curies, past dishes, even pizza, the options are endless.   

Our Seawwed for 2021

Sugar Kelp and Oarweed from the 2022 harvest - Minimum order 1 MT  - wet

ULVA Sea Lettuce ideal for use as a food ingredient, animal feed, Pharma, 2021 POA

Seaweed ideas and other uses for fresh and frozen seaweed

Frozen seaweed 1 Kg bags, ideal for adding to pies, salads, curries, spaghetti  bolognese or use as an alternative vegetable such as cabbage or spinach.  

Seaweed sausages and burgers 

Pickled seaweed, delicious pickled kelp make your own seaweed pickle -

Seaweed Mayonnaise 

Seaweed infused Vinegar

Seaweed Bread (frozen seaweed dough) -  

Vegetarian Seaweed Haggis - see photo below

Why not try making this delicious Seaweed and Garlic sauce for use on shellfish - 

Recipe , Melt 40g of the butter in a very large pan over low heat. Add 2 tsp of the chopped garlic, chopped shallots and 30g of finely chopped fresh seaweed, cook for 3 mins. Add the mussels, wine, salt and black pepper. Cover and bring to the boil, shaking occasionally.

Non Food products

Honey Bee Tonic - a fermented seaweed liquid for bees.

Seaweed paper made from left over seaweed pulped and dried

Medicinal Foot wraps

Seaweed Artificial Reefs - replenish the oceans

Our Seaweeds 

Seaweed Haggis on a plate
Sea greens and salmon and sauce
Greek pickled seaweed and octopus
loaf of seaweed bread

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