Corporate Sponsorship

                                    It's not just about us, it's about future generations and keeping our oceans alive.

We are looking for sponsors to support the emerging seaweed farming industry and allow us to establish new seaweed farms and help  fund the following projects listed below. If you are a business looking to counter your business carbon footprint and understand Blue Carbon, here's a positive and proactive solution. 

Seaweed sequesters nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon, meaning seaweed farms are carbon negative.

A donation, investment or sponsorship no matter how small would be greatly appreciated and help offset your companies carbon footprint.

Our aims this year are too :-

1) 2019 Establish  much larger commercial rope grown seaweed farms off the Devon and Cornish coasts, with options of starting seaweed farms off the North East coast and the in the Highlands. The aim is to  providing a sustainable food source to the UK food market. The cost of setting up a number of micro farms is approximately £250k.

2) Upgrade the seaweed processing and packaging unit. Cost £30k To include a ribbon cutting machine, blancher, packaging unit and freezers.

3) Ocean Oxygenation - Trials to pump cold nutrient rich sea water from 100m - 200m to the ocean surface through a compressor to force bubbles to the surface and in doing so kick starting the food chain , which then helps to reduce Ocean warming, please contact us for more details. These trials will cost £250k.

4 ) Help coastal communities in various locations around the world by setting up sustainable seaweed farms and deter current wild seaweed practices that have a negative affect on marine life and the seaweeds.

Seaweed is an amazing healthy sustainable food source, it is also being used to make alternative food packaging, an alternative to plastic water bottles and to make Bio fuel. It can also used to reduce Methane emissions from Cattle ( the front end ) and can be used to make Seaweed Paper 

However in 20 to 30 years time, unless we start growing seaweed now, there will not be enough seaweed to meet demand.

If you want to get involved and help sponsor us please get in touch or use the Donate button.

There are many reasons to support the farming of Seaweed, for more information please contact us direct at

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