Stop Lobster pot and Oyster  thefts

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Help reduce maritime crime, outboard motor thefts, oyster farm theft and the theft of lobster pots with an Ocean Tracker

The theft of Crab and Lobster pots is on the increase, not to mention the theft of Oysters in bulk and Outboard Engines. Each year thousands of pounds of live Crabs, Lobsters and Oysters are stolen along with pots, nets engines and general fishing equipment.

Here at Green Ocean we have developed a unique waterproof tracking device called Ocean Tracker, it is small enough to hide in a crab pot, outboard engine or oyster bag. The device is designed to sit under water in a passive mode, unaffected by the movement of the sea.

However when the pots or bags are moved the device 'wakes up' and sends a SMS signal to your phone, enabling you to track the pots or equipment via your phone and Google Maps.

How does it work?

The Ocean Tracker is an anti-theft GPS beacon, IP68 waterproof and shock resistant (molded in anti-corrosive resin, no connector, no button, It charges through induction).

It is used in oyster farms (hidden in an oyster), lobster traps, outboard motors, and other marine / sub-marine applications to prevent thefts.

In case of a movement, the Ocean Tracker sends its GPS position by SMS, E-mail or to a data server, and you can follow it using Google Earth or FTS software.

It integrates an accelerometer and a real time clock (to wake up system periodically or in case of a theft).

Water/air temperature is also indicated to the user.

The Lithium battery (low self-discharge technology) allows several months or years of autonomy in standby mode. Itis easily recharged simply by placing it on the recharging mat.

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Ocean Tracker

£ 299 

Ocean Tracker alerts you by SMS when your Pots, Nets, Engine or Oysters are being stolen. Ocean Tracker sits passively in stand by mode until it is moved, allowing you to track it on Google Earth via your phone.
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