About Us

Green Ocean Farming Mission Statement. 

The future is bright, the future is green.

The aim of Green Ocean Farming is to produce nutritious Seaweed (Sea Vegetables) as a food product and to encourage it's consumption by mankind as an alternative and healthier food option to animal and intense arable farming. 

By growing Seaweeds on lines in a 3D box, we are creating habitat for other marine life, which in turn helps balance the marine eco structure around our shores.

The seaweeds, particularly Kelp will absorb tonnes of Carbon from the surrounding Ocean during it's growing process, Carbon that is being created by other types of land farming. 

Apart from growing the Seaweeds as a food product,  Green Ocean Farms seek to promote the health benefits of our Seaweeds, particularly it's anti cancer properties and iodine and mineral rich green leaf.

We are also looking to grow selective shellfish within the 3D farm, such as Mussels and Scallops; whilst the Kelp removes Carbon from the Ocean, the  Bivalves filter the surrounding waters.  

Other interests: We are often asked about various seaweeds and uses and how to re introduce seaweeds to areas where it has stopped growing or disappeared. Because of this, we have started making artificial seaweed reefs to offer a food source and cover to marine life. 

We are also committed to reducing carbon and acidity in the oceans and one of our larger projects is to bring nutrient rich colder waters from 100m - 200m to the surface through compressed air bubbles. If you are interested in helping us or funding us, we would love to hear from you. 

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