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Think not of yourself but the next generation and the generations after them....

Green Ocean Farming Mission Statement. 

The future is bright, the future is green the future is seaweed.

The aim of Green Ocean Farming is to grow nutritious Seaweed (Sea Vegetables) on ropes, as a food product and to encourage it's consumption by mankind, as an alternative and healthier food option to animal and intense arable farming, at the same time helping the ocean thrive as the seaweeds grow.

Seaweed is a tasty vegetable in it's own right but it can also be incorporated into the food chain either as a nutritious frozen vegetable to be used in the same way as say, cabbage spinach or other greens, or it can be blanched and chipped, then added to foods such as bread, pies, pastas, potato cakes, curries and other ready meals or dishes. 

You probably already use it every day, it's in your tooth paste and shampoo and even ice cream but now it's time to eat it as a daily staple.

           The World Bank in 2016 stated “To maintain current consumption trends, the world will also need to produce 50–70 percent more food by 2050, increasingly under drought conditions and on poor soils.” 

       Seaweed farms can produce seventeen times the protein of a livestock farm with no fuel, no fertilizer, no freshwater and no land. Seaweed sequesters nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon, meaning seaweed farms are carbon negative. They improve the environment.  

Apart from providing a healthy food source, by growing Seaweeds on lines in a 3D box we are creating habitat for other marine life, which in turn helps balance the marine Eco structure around our shores.

By growing Seaweeds for use as a food Green Ocean Farms seek to promote the health benefits of our Seaweeds, particularly it's anti cancer properties and iodine and mineral rich green leaf.

The overwhelming benefits of seaweed are starting to gather pace amongst well-informed consumers. There is a heightened demand for seaweed in all its forms, with Global Market Insights predicting that the commercial seaweed market will exceed $87 billion by 2024

Other interests: We are often asked about various seaweeds and uses and how to re introduce seaweeds to areas where it has stopped growing or disappeared. Because of this, we have started making artificial seaweed reefs to offer a food source and cover to marine life. 

We are also committed to reducing carbon and acidity in the oceans and one of our larger projects is to bring nutrient rich colder waters from 100m - 200m to the surface through compressed air bubbles. to kick start the food chain in the ocean and in doing so, eventually reduce ocean temperature and acidity. If you are interested in helping us or funding us, we would love to hear from you. 

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